V.I.P.-Concierge Services

Every journey needs to be perfect in every detail. It is details that make a voyage successful and make people live unforgettable experiences. We at Yachtways strongly believe that the formula for a successful journey either for pleasure or business lies in a personalized and exclusive service.

We have the ability to arrange every single detail from the very first moment of your arrival until the very last. We have established privileged relationships with several professionals, whom we trust to be the best, to offer a range of efficient and exclusive services to you.

Yachtways can organize limousine , car or minibus transportation from and to the airport, to a chartered yacht or even a private aircraft or helicopter to reach the destination of your choice. We can suggest and make a last minute reservation in trendy restaurants, clubs and bars or tailor made excursions or book a villa in a luxury resort before or after your arrival. We organize birthday parties, business meetings , celebrations, special anniversaries, religious functions etc.

Even more services can be provided like rental of mobile phones, laptops, water-sports, diving, special equipment, multi-language speaking guides, guided tours, nannies, musicians, bodyguards, jewelry, antiques, art purchase, auction houses and more.

Services offered

  • Hotel, Luxury Resorts & Leisure Reservation
  • Air Handling Services
  • Arrival & Departure Services
  • Limousine With Chauffer Rental
  • Luxury Car Rental
  • Helicopters & Private Jet Hire
  • Celebrity Bodyguards / Security Services
  • Restaurants / Clubs / Bars Suggestions & Reservations
  • Yacht Chartering
  • Water Sports / Fishing & Scuba Diving
  • Special Events (birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries)
  • Special Equipment
  • Wheel Chair Assistance (vehicles for special needs & suitable people to help)
  • Nannies
  • Multi - Language Speaking Guides/ Personal Translator
  • Guided Tours
  • Historical & Archaeological Sights Briefing Suggestions & Reservations
  • Shore Side Entertainment
  • Special Services for V.I.P.s
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Massage / Beauty Services / Physiotherapist / Reflexologist etc.
  • Press & Press Releases
Yachtways Services
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