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The intention of a client to have a new yacht built for him is very rare and very important. A new build is a creative, interactive and should also be a joyous process. We at Yachtways believe that the total experience must be a success if the new construction should be considered to be successful.

Construction of a yacht entails various elements which in their own way all are important for a successful outcome. The supervision and monitoring of these elements is what we combine in our building supervision, always in contact and in communication with the world's leading designers, naval architects and yards, thus ensuring total satisfaction from concept to delivery.

As we are certainly very familiar with the many problems, small and large, that can occur during the daily operational life of any yacht, we make sure that they will be avoided or at least minimized by proper planning and by proper building supervision.

At Yachtways we represent our client's interests ensuring that they are receiving the right expertise in each stage of any project and at the same time delivering the luxury yacht of their dreams.

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