Yacht Management

Managing a luxury yacht is an increasingly complex business. It requires expertise, efficiency and technical knowledge.

Yachtways offers a comprehensive service to yacht owners and crew that is dedicated to reducing the burden of yacht ownership and operation. Our aim is to handle all of the technical and administrative matters in order to maximize the owner's enjoyment of his yacht vessel and also its commercial potential.

The careful management of a yacht by a team of highly skilled professionals will ensure that it remains in perfect condition and that it maintains its value.

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Maintaining the owner's asset at the highest standard in accordance to regulations and his wishes. Yachtways has designated shore support personnel with well established relationships with local suppliers, chandlers and port authorities enabling us to offer an exceptional service to yacht owners and crew. The operation department handles:

  • Berthing
  • Bunkering
  • Provisioning/ Supplies
  • Agency Services
  • Marine Insurance
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Transportation
  • Flag Administration
  • Weather Routing
  • Annual Class Surveys
  • Shore Support and Logistics

All in compliance with regulations, meeting safety requirements and protecting the environment.

Aiming at the excellent condition of the yacht, we anticipate potential problems and needs, evaluate the alternatives and select the most cost and time effective solution. We ensure that the operation of the yacht is reliable and efficient and that delays due to technical faults are kept to a minimum.

Technical Services:
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance Systems
  • Fault Resolution
  • Engineering Suppliers and Spare Parts
  • Appointment of Contractors and Sub Contractors
  • Project Management for Refits and Conversions
  • Pollution Compliance and Certification

Our standards for excellence, professionalism and personal attention to every placement is the key to finding the perfect fit. Yachtways recognizes that a quality yacht crew is essential for the efficiency and professionalism of any yacht. Crewing requires the skilful management of personalities, talents and budgets. We are here to provide all the necessary support to Captains and crew to ensure safe and cost effective operation of the yacht and the complete satisfaction of the owner. Yachtways provides a full yacht crew management service including employment contracts, confidentiality agreements, crew payroll, crew travel, mail forwarding, salary reviews, visa requirements and insurance. Our continuing interaction and communication with the yacht crew and Captain reduces crew turnover and encourages the building of a successful team and subsequent longevity on board.

We in Yachtways recognize that owning a yacht is a significant investment for any owner and we are totally committed to protecting that investment through sound financial management. We insist on total transparency in all fiscal operations. Using clearly defined accounting categories we are able to monitor the yacht’s actual expenditure against the projected budget. We produce accurate monthly and annual analyses, detailed financial audits and account reconciliation for your yacht.

Financial Services:

  • Monthly Accounts
  • Acquisition of Funds
  • Crew Payroll
  • Annual Operational and Refit Budgets
  • Insurance
  • Tax Planning
  • Company Ownership
  • Offshore Banking
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Financial Audits and Reporting
Our management team understands the technical issues that relate to yacht insurance and will seek out the most competitive insurance rates offering the best levels of cover for your yacht.

The factors taken into consideration for the selection of the appropriate flag for each yacht are: the use of the yacht, its area of operation and the owners' specific requirements. Yachtways arranges all details for initial registrations and for alterations to existing ones. The required certification of a yacht depends on its registration, size, navigation area and use. We can assure owners of the prompt and accurate delivery of all documents that are necessary for their yachts to be operated and certified in a legal manner.

Yachtways will arrange all necessary MCA, ISM and registration issues that arise in today's more regulated world of yachting.

International Safety Management (ISM): all commercial yachts over 24m LOA and up to 3000 GRT are required to comply with the ISM code. These standards set by the International Maritime Organization and ratified by Flag States, aim to establish systems of safe management on commercial yachts. Yachtways has a web based safety management system designed to simplify the transmission of procedures and policies and reduce the administrative burden on Captains and crew.

  • Designated Person Ashore (24 hour cover)
  • Shore - Based Response Unit
  • Web - Based Reporting Portal
  • Safety Management System Documentation, Implementation and Maintenance
  • ISM Auditor

International Ship and Port Security (ISPS): ISPS has been designed to address all aspects of security such as terrorism and piracy, a corollary of which is the reduction of the likelihood of vandalism. Yachtways provides a simple and workable system to address the requirements of the Code including:

  • Company Security Officer (24 hours cover)
  • Ship Security Assessment and Security Plan Approval
  • Ship Security Officer Training
  • Ship Security Plan Documentation

At Yachtways we are aiming to provide the highest quality materials at competitive price. Due to our knowledge of the market and the volume of our purchases, we are able to obtain the best prices for materials and services combined with punctual delivery. We know the suppliers, their quality, prices and delivery ability all over Greece. Continued evaluation of the yacht's suppliers and contractors is what keeps the yacht's expenses within budget.

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